Be Not Dismayed

Matthew 6:25-34 NIV

Manna Moment: 05/23/19

Time: 5:07am – 5:57am

Posted: 06/24/19

Just woke up from a dream that really disturbed me. I was in church and headed to sit down. It was one seat left where I normally sat and a (really) big man was sitting side ways blocking me from getting the seat. He was sitting next to a woman (I’m guessing his wife) and I said excuse me can I sit here? He began to laugh and say…Nah…Nah I can’t move…my wife and I right here. I got so livid! I was sooo mad…because that was my seat. I’m just standing there pulling this idk…I guess it was luggage. It was some type of a pull case with wheels…. So I pulled the thing behind me as I began to walk off…mad that I couldn’t sit in my usual spot. Therefore, I’m going up the isles looking for another place to sit before service starts. I came all the way up to the front almost and passed the pulpit area (it seems) and started down another isle next to a wall. I saw a row of seats and I sat down. I glanced behind me and I saw people I knew. Elder TK and looked like Brother Al. I waved to them…as I got nestled into my seat getting ready for the word, the preaching…the service to start. All of a sudden, Elder TK said, “Have you been downstairs?” I said no not yet…she was telling me what all they had down there and that I should go…but it’s how it was said. It’s really how her personality is though…nothing odd about that…what I mean is…she said…have you been downstairs yet (giving her big beautiful smile)? I said no. Not yet, she said, you should (just smiling from ear to ear, as she spoke). Then she got up, said come on, and began to tell me a few things they had down there.

As we headed downstairs…I began to pass by rows and rows of people. I’m waving…speaking as I left. When we finally got downstairs, I saw all kinds of stuff…food and food galore. Then it was clothes…you name it everything for your picking. People were picking things out…but it seems we were confused because we didn’t know how many of the things we could get…if it was a limit or not. Then a woman came over to the freezer case…it was Mother Janice and she said…is it in there? You see it she stated when we asked how many or if we could get it…we said yeah…then she said get it…it’s in there. If it’s in there…you see it…you can get it. I went and got a buggy then and started selecting items. So I’m down there a long time…not even aware of the time….I’m just picking up sooo much food…making sure to get the good stuff, making sure not to miss a thing.

Just as I reached like another warehouse door, I saw juice…and I began to crawl up there and get some of that…it was snacks like chips and stuff there too. I grabbed it all. As I was grabbing stuff…I began to think about my pull case in the church upstairs…I noticed it was (really) dark now and I’d come down while it was light out. I started to think…if I would be able to get my case, who can I call, how can I get it, or if the church was unlocked? Then everything around me started to slow down…and I began to be aware of a few things. I came downstairs to get items I felt were a deal. I felt were a necessity. I woke up feeling terrible. I felt simply terrible. I heard, “Didn’t I tell you not to worry about these things? Not what you should eat…not what you should drink…not what you should wear?” I began to think…I’ve allowed things to pull me out of the church and downstairs to go through items, goods, etc. during church and I could’ve gotten that after service. I noticed how it seemed I was waving bye to the people when I was walking away instead of saying hello. It could’ve all waited.

Moreover, my mind was brought back to the big man blocking my seat…while I was waving…speaking…he was laughing…profusely as I passed down the aisle headed out the church. Why was this face…this expression so important for me to remember? I thought about the words I heard when I woke up. “Didn’t I tell you not to worry about these things? Not what you should eat…not what you should drink…not what you should wear?” It hit me…Matthew 6. It was one of the very first scriptures that hit me like a ton of rocks when the Lord pointed it out to me (back in 2006/2007) in my old home in Hueytown. That memory rushed back so clear…as if it was happening right now. I remember being shown that scripture in my bedroom…reading it…and breaking down…just screaming and crying.

 I thought back about this dream…I allowed what my natural needs were to pull me out of the church and get on my own. Pick on my own. Yes, it was being provided to me in what it seemed like the basement of the church. However, the point is…it was beneath the church…out of the church…away from the church! All a huge distraction! A huge distraction, and the fact that I was led out by the familiar. Someone I knew…to get something I felt I needed…and seeing people I knew get things too…but at what expense? To be disconnected? I began to feel sad and I thought….I’m disconnected!!! How did this happen? How have this happened? Sad part is…I didn’t see it…truly…until now. So many things have consumed me lately…that I don’t know if I’m coming or going…or how to get a handle on it. And the big man laughing…blocking my usual way…my usual seat…was the enemy redirecting my focus and he was laughing…cause I was just waving…cheesing…laughing…being led away and not even knowing it. I see it now Lord. I see it. I get it. Light overpowers darkness. Sometimes darkness tries it’s best to outsmart being seen…but light shines and illuminates those places every time…the key is…we have to stay in the light. Even when light shines on us and reminds us of where we should be…we should be in place to receive the light. Shine on! Shine on! Shine on me! Thank you Lord. Thank you Father!

Just how many of us are simply out of place? We are out of place and not even know it!

Take a moment and just think about it, were you led out of place?

Do you see it?

Can you see it?

Let the light SHINE & MOVE!

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Mental Prisms

Image by Josh Clifford from Pixabay

Manna Moment: 05/15/19

Time: 8:58am – 10:13am

Sitting here thinking of my blogging adventure and it hit me that everyone, everywhere has something to say, so what would make my writing any different? That is the ultimate trick of the mind all the time. We sit and overthink a thing so much so, that we think our way right out of something that could be very promising. Something I’m personally working on every day is to be “ME” in all that I do. If we are being who “WE” really are, then it doesn’t matter how many people are doing the same thing, how many opinions are lurking in the airwaves. We ALL are uniquely made, and have a unique distinction about us.

I remember one day last month, I think on April 12th, I was driving and a phrase came to mind; “Mental prisms evade us…Evading mental prisms.” I asked the Lord, “what is this and what does it mean?” I didn’t truly get an answer then, but as time went on, I began to do a little research on what the word evade means. It means to stay away from or avoid (someone or something). My favorite definition of this term is to slip away, take refuge in escape, or avoidance. (Merriam-Webster, 2019)

All of this sound so familiar to me, even with something as simple as owning “ME” totally in all of my beauty, all of my flaws, all of my ups and downs, this seems to be an issue that is hidden in plain sight. How many of us fall into this sort of prism or box at some point in our lives? None of us has it all together (at least not all the time anyway). When I think of a prism, that’s exactly what I see, I can visualize a box or a trap, sometimes even made of glass. In terms of the phrase “Mental prisms evade us…Evading mental prisms,” this to me seems as if our minds lock us up, and keeps us from advancing, transforming, and or believing a thing.

How real can this be? Most times, we aren’t even aware of such, until it surfaces in fear, panic, anxiety, or utter stagnation. As for me, in 2015, I made a promise to God, that no matter what it looks like, I will break out. I will press forward. I will keep going. Even when I don’t understand, or I’m uncertain of what’s coming next, I must keep going. Our minds will cause us to disassociate from the present, and isolate ourselves from advancing, all without having a clue! When we are taught to “see past” what it looks like, this is the key that will break us free. Nothing is ever what it seems.

I’m going to end today’s thought by saying keep thriving to just “BE” you. The person God created you to “BE.” It doesn’t matter how much opposition you face, just know that you are relevant, you are significant, and you can and will do it. You will succeed. Most people say, “The Enemy”….but even if the “the enemy” is you…move past YOU!

Are YOU “your” ENEMY?

Blessed Are They!

Manna Moment: 05/12/19

Time: 9:15am-10:15am

I woke up heavy hearted this morning. Not wanting to do anything. Not exactly thinking about my mother, but just not wanting to do a thing. Today is Mother’s Day 2019, and I’m usually okay. Usually in good spirits and ready for the celebrations and ready to be celebrated. Today, today was much different. I even missed church today.

As I, lay there with thoughts of nothing. It’s as if my heart was reaching out to the unknown that my mind and my mouth couldn’t falter. I wished my daughter a Happy Mother’s Day and my grandchild and my youngest daughter all came and hugged my neck. They gave me some good shugga! (I sound like a grandma huh!) LOL!

However, it was right at that time God started speaking to me. I didn’t know right off, it was just a lot of information downloading at once. It was a lot of “Blessed are they’s”… was all going so fast. I tried to record/write it all…I began to write what I could:

Blessed are they that come before the Lord with humbled hearts and bowed heads.

Blessed are they that come before the Lord with waterless tears and sweet dreams.

Blessed are they that long to seek the King in everything…even in every means.

Blessed are they that don’t understand a thing…but always, always, seek to trust above and beyond ALL things.

Blessed are they that Believe. They that believe past the despair will encounter everlasting repair.

Hold on. Keep your head up. The Lord holds your heart in His hands. You and It are precious commodities. You are the Blessed children of the Almighty King.

I stopped and read this aloud. I was in shock. It actually sounds like a poem. What is the Lord saying to me? He hears me even in silence. He reassured me of my identity, and even in this unexplainable moment, He cares. He loves me. He loves us, even when we just have no words. We are His “Blessed”…we are His children. We mean so much to Him!

“Blessed are they” just kept ringing in my spirit. In my mind…In my heart. That happens sometimes/most times until I search to find…to find out more.

In my search, I was led to Matthew 5:3-9. I read it in the KJV, MSG, & AMPC versions. God is so AMAZING! Even on this day, with sooo many people on this earth. He saw me fit enough, important enough, to tell me He LOVES little ole me!

God hears us even when we aren’t audibly speaking. So if He does that for us, if He pays that close attention to us, then why don’t we do that for Him? He’s speaking all the time and not when “we feel” like we should hear Him. Don’t you think we owe Him that much to sit, search, and listen? God is in everything…

What has He said to you lately?

Get quiet. Let’s listen. Let’s search. Let’s see. Do you hear Him?


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I can totally relate to this quote. Most times, we travel along a road we cannot fathom to say, “it’s less traveled.” Too many are doing life the way it was never intended to be. We all feel, at some point or another that we can do badly all by ourselves. On the other hand, the infamous colloquialism “We got this,” is used to mask so many things. However, needless to say, we don’t have it at all. The post that are to follow on this site will be some stories and or snippets of times of inspiration, meditation, and conversations I’ve had with the Father, and He with I. Others will be just a bit of my quirkiness and what makes me uniquely “me.”

These moments are called “manna” because it’s the very food, instruction, and or clarity for whatever the underlying situation is at the time. The word manna is intriguing to me. In the Book of Exodus, manna was presented to the Israelites in the wilderness and it was just enough to take care of the hunger for that moment. It was the nourishment the Lord provided for His people.

When I thought about this and I asked the Lord, “Why Manna Moments?” He responded by saying, “What is written satisfies the hunger of the moment.” I believe this to be oh so true. Even the Israelites couldn’t tell you exactly “what” the substance was, but in its description of taste, it was sweet to the palette.

Well, hey….I don’t know about you…but sweet things often times will have you coming back for more! I think I will quite enjoy these times and I’m glad you are taking this journey with me. Let’s travel…let’s take this trip together!